AIOps, tools available. Which one is actually good?

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Has anyone here had worked with any of the AIOps (with auto-remediation) tools out there? It seems to me that a 100% serverless architecture would be even more suitable for AIOps (auto-remediation as well). Now, there are a lot of companies saying they have AIOps, but it’s difficult to know which one delivers on its promises.

The goal with that tool (AIOps compatible) is to have an APM (end to end) which could give really good observability for the whole product (multiple AWS accounts, each one responsible for one specific business domain) so that the first action when one problem is detected would be faster (I expect a good AIOps tool to react faster than a human having to go through the logs and trying to figure out what went wrong and only then deciding what to do to solve the problem).

NewRelic and Dynatrace seem to have AIOps as an offering as well.

Summary: What are the good players (Serverless (AWS) compatible) that you guys have used and would recommend?


Is anyone willing to discuss the feasibility of this?

They really should have called it something else. First of all it isn’t AI and secondly it introduces problems that on a meta level people will always have to cope with.

The paper titled ‘ironies of automation’ called all this out with the 80s AI winter. Here’s some other 9Apps Showbox Tutuapp papers which consider it in recent light.

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