Honest and good arguments to convince the organization to consider Serverless

Hi there,

I would like to get help from the Serverless community on this one. Please! I also think this might be useful for many other professionals trying to introduce Serverless to their organizations. (I have worked with Serverless myself for over 5 years, but on this new organization I am trying to show them the benefits and challenges of going Serverless for NEW PROJECTS/PRODUCTS).

I am trying to put together a comparison between Managed Services (AKA Serverless V1) and (true) Serverless.

I am not just talking about FaaS, but Messaging, Databases, Orchestration/BPM, API GW, DW, Authentication Services, Search Engines, Cache, Storage, Network, etc.

So far I came up with this:

I know the cost of infrastructure for running serverless 24x7 compared to K8s might be higher, but infrastructure/cloud costs are not the only (or not even the highest) costs. Talent is the most expensive and scarce IMHO. Is there any solid study comparing the total cost of Serverless vs Managed Services/K8s?

What about DX and Time to Market? IMHO and experience Serverless Architecture is much more productive when having dedicated teams working on single products and being able to manage their own infrastructure (maybe not in production though).

Any help/tip will be appreciated.