Advice on upgrading from 0.5 while supporting existing deployments

I crated a bunch of AWS lambda functions previously with 0.5. I would like to begin the process of upgrading to the latest serverless but since it is installed globally I think I may need a separate computer. One for supporting the existing install and the other for conevrting everything to the new version.

Is there any other way? Currently only my lambda functions are maintained and deployed with serverless and I make use of environment variables.

@bpair For newer apps you can npm install serverless --save-dev to add Serverless as a dev dependency then add a deploy script in your packages.json that does sls deploy. This will allow you to deploy using npm run deploy which will use the newer version from your node_modules folder instead of the global version.

you can run serverless command from docker with new serverless framework version directly

Try image svls/serverless:1.24.1

Usage in

Available versions:

Thanks I will try that.