A functional example for a azure storage blob event

Looking at the project’s GitHub and sees the examples it’s very clear that the project is mainly tested and developed focused on AWS.
There is so little documentation about Azure and Google.
I’m trying to develop a simple example of a function that reacts to a blob storage insert. There is not a concrete working example on GitHub and even following the documentation at documentation we can’t make it work. One of the various errors that have happened is “The binding type(s) ‘blobTrigger’ are not registered. Please ensure the type is correct and the binding extension is installed”. But for azure, there is only one extension available which is “serverless-azure-functions”. Comparing with AWS that has 84 plugins.

If someone can help me with this I will be extremely grateful.

Hi marcelomrwin,

Were you able to find a working example for the blob event for function? I am receiving either one of these errors and not able to pass any of them. The documentation has no working solutions.

TypeError: Cannot set property 'name' of undefined
Error: Binding  nameTrigger not supported


Hey there,

I know I’m a bit late here, but I’ve got the same issue running the Timer Events Functions. I couldn’t get it working as described in the appropriate docs. But changing:

      - timer:
        name: timerObj 
        schedule: 0 */5 * * * * 


      - timer: true <-- This is relevant !
        name: timerObj 
        schedule: 0 */5 * * * *

Helped me out. I think you could apply it to your blob use case in the same way.