You need to configure the pattern or schedule property (or both) for eventBridge events

Is there not a capability to disable the eventBridge in our serverless.yml file?

timeout: 60
    runtime: nodejs12.x
      - eventBridge:
          schedule: cron(0 0 * * ? *)
          enabled: false

Doc does not seem to specify?

I can confirm that enabled: false does not work for eventBridge events. My workaround was to use a schedule event instead. Here’s an example workaround:

      - schedule:
          rate: cron(0 0 * * ? *)
          enabled: false
          description: Using schedule instead of eventBridge for scheduled events

Note that when I changed my yaml to this new method, the new rule was properly added (as disabled). However, the old rule (which had a different automatic resource name) was never deleted and had to be deleted manually. This was pretty insidious since I could see my new disabled rule, but my function kept triggering.

I believe that two above issues are bugs. It would be good if the doc would at least note the enabled: false limitation until this is fixed.

There are some other asymmetries with scheduled eventsBridge too. For example, schedules must run on the default eventBus. Therefore, the eventBus property for a scheduled eventBridge event won’t work (this is an AWS limitation).