User of Alerts in Serverless

Hi all,

i’m using Serverless 360 to manage my API integrations.
To help me to have everything under controle i decided to set up some alerts to not keep an issue ongoing.
I’m configuring alerts by Exception codes and they are working correctly.
To tune the alerts a bit more i decided to configure by Exception and here i’m having a problem:

  • If i configure an alert using the full message that i got at serverless it works perfect, but then i’ll have to create thounsand of alerts, so i would like to use a kind of wildcard to configure an alert with the fixed text of a message and then use a wildcard to configure the variable text of the message. I tried to use ‘%’ and also the universal ‘*’ but none of them seems to work.
    Is there someone who can help me with this?
    Many thanks in advance :slight_smile: