Use serverless-iam-roles-per-function plugin with provider level iamRoleStatements

Is it possible to use both of these methods when defining a serverless file? I want to use serverless-iam-roles-per-function because I was running into

But rather than having an IAM role per function for all of my functions I want to do it for a few, the rest I would like them to use one role until the policy size is reached. I tried defining a role to a few functions and the rest of the functions I left blank so that it would use the iamRoleStatements defined at the provider level. The problem was that the few functions that I gave roles to are still included in the global role so I still reach the maximum-policy-size.

Is there a way to exclude a few functions from the global iamRoleStatements and only apply the functions to the roles defined by serverless-iam-roles-per-function?

Thanks in advance.