Uploading artifacts takes 10+ minutes for 8MB

I have to package aws-sdk locally and upload it because I need a newer version than the one that’s preinstalled. However, this causes my zip artifact to be 10MB. While this shouldn’t be an issue, for some reason it takes around 10+ minutes in the “Uploading artifacts…” phase.

How can this be so slow on a normal consumer connection?

My upload speed is 0.85 megabit per second (from speedtest.net). This means it should take 1.5 minutes, but it takes much much longer. I do use --aws-s3-accelerate.

this upload is to save the zip file to s3, my understand is, it is reasonable.

If you upload the same zip file from aws console, how is the speed?

There definitely seems to be something wrong.

I followed your advice and uploaded it manually with aws s3 sync and the transfer speed was indeed 70 kilobytes per second, resulting in it finishing in less than 2 minutes.

When I use sls deploy the “uploading artifacts” part takes more than 10 minutes.

Perhaps s3 sync is smart enough to use multipart uploading?

I filed a bug report here: https://github.com/serverless/serverless/issues/4545

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See the updates in ticket #4545, hope this problem can be fixed ASAP