Unrecognized command "plugin install" for serverless v4.0.26

Hi! I was using serverless framework v3.38.0 to build a python lambda in aws and it was working as expected with my requirements.txt file to import some dependencies into my lambda function. With serverless v3.38.0 I was able to simply run the command sls plugin install -n serverless-python-requirements as explained here.

However with the upgrade to serverless v4.0.26, I’m unable to run this command as I get the following error:

After that errored, I manually added this plugin to my serverless.yml file and manually installed it with npm install serverless-python-requirements --save-dev, but when deploying my lambda and triggering it, I still get failures saying that my imported packages from requirements.txt can’t be found.

Any thoughts? Is this a known bug in v4 that is going to be addressed? Thanks!

@ryan-bloom I would recommend adding this issue to the Serverless GitHub as that is where the team are tracking issues related to V4. It will also make it easier for the team to talk to you, as you questions and perhaps get you to validate any fixes that are made as well: Issues · serverless/serverless · GitHub

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