Unique Execution Id for Idempotency?

Hello there!

I have a NodeJS function scheduled as a cron job that has been executing multiple times. I learned recently that serverless functions should be idempotent. My question is if there’s some sort of id that’s shared across multiple executions if they’re trying to execute a function at a certain time. I have assumed that the awsRequestId from the context parameter is shared across multiple executions, but I wanted to confirm that assumption. Today I integrated my AWS account with a observability dashboard called Kloudmate and from what I can see from that, there is an id called “executionId” which is shared across multiple executions. If awsRequestId isn’t that, is there a way I can access this “executionId” to use it for idempotency purposes?


Looks like awsRequestId and executionId are the same thing. So you can use the awsRequestId as an idempotency id for a cron job.