Unexpected close tag

Hi all,

I’m trying to run serverless behind a corp proxy and getting the below error.

Serverless: Getting all objects in S3 bucket…

Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

 Unexpected close tag

Line: 117
Column: 7
Char: >

Has anyone encountered this before or have any advice?


This appears to be the same error.


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Thanks Marc,

I did stumble upon that while trying to figure it out but I’ve tried all the solutions commented in that thread with no success.

Hoping if there was anything else other than what has already been suggested.


Hrmm, well from the looks of it, it might be serverless is ok but the AWS sdk is bugging out, have you seen this?

Hi Marc, I’ve just tried that and it didn’t work as well… same error.
I am sure it’s the proxy as I’ve tried it in a different environment that’s not behind a proxy and works fine.