Unable to run cron on defined time



This should run at 4.30 AM UTC, but not working. Though rate is working and also cron with all * option is working…

    handler: src/api/agenda/index.pickDailyTest
      - schedule:
          enabled: true
          name: jobPickDailyTest
          description: 'Daily job called to pick test'
          rate: cron(30 4 * * ? *)


Schedule definition seems to be okay.
I assume there is something wrong with your handler.

  • Check your serverless.yml file with sls print
  • Deploy your serverless.yml file with sls deploy -v
  • Test your handler manually with sls invoke -f pickDailyTest -l
  • Check Cloudwatch Logs after 4:30AM for entries



Can you please let me know how to test locally with UTC time.


@Franky Hi, Thanks! but cron is running when I used * for all six options but unable to run with defined UTC time…