Unable to assume role

Using -> https://github.com/serverless/serverless-graphql

-[x] was able to create an aws graphql api via: app-backend/appsync/dynamo/serverless.yml
One note – it does not look like any new roles get created. Is that a bug or feature?

I was able to spin up a front end via yarn start in app-client/appsync-client.
I was able to authenticate on the front end using an incognito pool user.

After authentication I see:

GraphQL error: Unable to assume role arn:aws:iam::###:role/dynamo-full-access

dynamo-full-access is the IAM role I created. I edited its policy so that it should allow auth’d cognito users to assume it.

Turns out I needed to run the prod seed. As well as a couple of other things.

Change prod seed to use us-east-2, add incognito user to the DynamoDB user table.