Trying to get lifecycleEvent for rollbacks

I am using Serverless with AWS and also using CodeDeploy and Alarms
When we are in canary mode and during the deploy i currently send a slack message for the event before:aws:deploy:deploy:updateStack, which i get as expected

The issue/question is trying determine when codeDeploy gets and alarm and rolls back

In my build console i see something like:

Serverless: Updating Stack...
Serverless: Checking Stack update progress...
Serverless: Operation failed!
Serverless: View the full error output:
Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

An error occurred: GetAchSummaryLambdaFunctionAliasLive - Rollback successful.

I am trying to figure out a way to get fail/rollback info , with a serverless plugin or any other suggestions.

i am currently using the serverless-hooks plugin and it fires fine off of all the other events(ie:before:aws:deploy:deploy:updateStack)

i even tried writing my own plugin to see if i can capture.
i see there are hooks for rollbacks, but they do not seem to fire.

 'before:rollback:initialize': [
  pluginName: 'AwsRollback',
  hook: [Function: before:rollback:initialize]
 'rollback:rollback': [
   { pluginName: 'AwsRollback', hook: [Function: rollback:rollback] }
'rollback:function:rollback': [
  pluginName: 'AwsRollbackFunction',
  hook: [Function: rollback:function:rollback]

Thanks for any help/suggestions