Tailing logs for google functions ? not possible?

Right now if I tail google functions logs I get this:

 ~/D/j/s/t/f/g/ner   master ±  env SLS_DEBUG=true sls logs -f ner -t
Serverless: Displaying the 10 most recent log(s):

2017-04-02T21:39:51.890167280Z: Function execution took 202 ms, finished with status code: 200
2017-04-02T21:39:51.886Z: request get  undefined
2017-04-02T21:39:51.886Z: request query  { url: 'www.bbc.co.uk' }
2017-04-02T21:39:51.885Z: request query.url  www.bbc.co.uk
2017-04-02T21:39:51.885Z: request method  GET
2017-04-02T21:39:51.885Z: request body  {}
2017-04-02T21:39:51.783Z: start 2017-04-02T21:39:51.783Z
2017-04-02T21:39:51.688498113Z: Function execution started
2017-04-02T21:26:35.096Z: undefined
2017-04-02T21:21:17.584056706Z: Function execution took 65 ms, finished with status code: 200

It only ever gives me the most recent 10 logs. Is this feature not available yet or google functions/cloud platform just does not allow it ?

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Would like to know that as well