Tags with Serverless components

Recently I started with using Serverless Components. It works much better then configuring everything via the AWS Console. I’m only looking for a way how you could group all the resources of a serverless project/app together. With the group you could monitor the costs and which resources are used.
A nice way would be by using tags, see als link.

But how could you add tags to all the components within a Serverless file?

As an example the website component:

name: my-website
stage: dev

  component: "@serverless/website"
      root: ./
      src: ./src
      hook: npm run build
    region: us-east-1
    bucketName: myBucket
    domain: www.example.com

Thx for your reply

I believe you can use the Serverless plugin and add stackTags under the provider section of your serverless and can apply your tags there. It only tag your functions, stream, DynamoDB, Bucket, CloudFront and API Gateway resources. see this link https://www.serverless.com/plugins/serverless-plugin-resource-tagging