Support for NodeJs 8 runtime when deploying to Google Cloud Functions

Is there any way I can set the NodeJs environment to NodeJs 8 when deploying to Google Cloud Functions with “serverless deploy”?
Here is what I’ve tried

   runtime: nodejs8.10


   runtime: nodejs8


   runtime: nodejs8.11.1

But none of these work.

I am also looking for solution how to do it from sls cli.

This is not yet supported. There is a PR that potentially enable this, but its not merged yet:

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Any update about the support for Nodejs 8 inside the file serverless.yml?
I tried runtime: nodejs8 but it didn’t work yet.

I think this was fixed about 1-2 months ago.

It works like this: runtime: nodejs8
Also, I had to add region like this: region: us-central1

Make sure you update serverless-google-cloudfunctions npm package to at least 2.0.0