SQS Queue and multiple Targets for EventBridge

Hey everyone, I just learned about EventBridge and trying to run a sample application with the EventBridge + Lambda.
In the AWS Event Bridge (Rule) Documentation, there is a Targets property which means I can attach multiple different targets for the same event bridge rule.
But Serverless Framework seems to work differently. In the Lambda EventBridge Event Documentation examples, I can only see that one lambda is associated with the one EventBridge Rule.

Also, I can’t find any documentation to set the SQS queue or SNS topic as the target for the EventBridge rule.
Can someone help me with this?

P.S: Yes I know I can create a custom EventBridgeRule resource and then set the target there but I think it is an overhead as I have to add/manage resource-based policy for each target manually. For example, when I add Lambda as EventBridge Rule target, it automatically adds a permission to allow EventBridge to invoke the lambda.