SQS is not invoking lambda

I have a lambda that queries a database and sends each record to SQS. That lambda is set to run with cron(...) and http for manual testing. I created a sqs.fifo queue in the console and I can see traffic in there. I created a second lambda that subscribe to the sqs.fifo queue. They way I created the trigger was by adding the event in the index.ts file of that second lambda like so:

export default {
  handler: 'path/to/handler.main`
  events: [
      sqs: {
        arn: 'arn:aws.my-queue.fifo',
        batchSize: 1

After deploying I can go in the console to the sqs.fifo and see that indeed the queue has a Lambda trigger setup as intended.

I manually changed the cron(...) in the console to run every 5 minutes so I can test the workflow. What is happening is that the second lambda never gets invoked. I can see in CloudWatch that the first lambda is sending messages with respective content/body/payload every 5 minutes but the second lambda has no movement in CloudWatch and there 0 emails getting sent.

Interestingly, if I trigger 2 times the first lambda with the http event with postman, an email gets send only one time. I’m not sure what is wrong in the setup. Any help its appreciated.