[Solved] Does serverless create S3 bucket and DynamoDB tables during the deploy?


I have defined a S3 bucket in the resources section. However, during the deploy phase of the app, the bucket is not created. Is it a default behavior and does it also mean that DynamoDB tables are not initialized?


All the resources defined in resources should be initialized on deploy.

Make sure it is formatted like so: https://github.com/serverless/examples/blob/master/aws-node-rest-api-with-dynamodb/serverless.yml#L62-L79

Did you look in cloudformation stack for the resources you have defined?

Also double check the region you are looking at =). Default region is us-east-1

Sorry, my mistake and wrong indentation. I didn’t notice that resources section is under the provider section.

I curse the YAML gods on a regular basis =)

Most of my yaml writing happens in Atom editor these days. It has some solid indentation showing and linting tools.