[Solved] Can we chose a custom endpoint subdomain url?


When I run sls deploy I get my endpoint created as:


I’d like to change the txtes8u2s7 part and I wonder if that’s possible? I’d rather use my product’s name to make more sense of the url.

I read the doc at https://serverless.com/framework/docs/providers/aws/guide/deploying/ but didn’t see anything about that. I tried changing deploymentBucket.name but it doesn’t have any impact on it.

Thank you.

Here are a couple great Blog posts that I followed to do the same thing for my project using the API Gateway Custom Domains via the serverless-domain-manager plugin:

How to set up a custom domain name for Lambda & API Gateway with Serverless

How to deploy multiple micro-services under one API domain with Serverless

Hope it helps.


Okay, my “issue” is a bit different since I cannot move my domain ownership to AWS. I’m currently trying to setup a “Hosted zone” linked to a subdomain.

Basically, my domain is already used with services running, so I can only use a subdomain. Currently waiting for AWS certificate approval.