SLS not using provider credentials configured via dashboard



I’m using AWS and have different accounts under same organization for prod and dev. I’ve defined providers in Serverless dashboard for both AWS accounts. And I’ve assigned prod AWS provider for production ci/cd and development AWS provider for dev ci/cd, both in Github.

Now when I’m trying to deploy to development environment the deployment fails, because sls can’t find another service (referenced with cf: in serverless.yml). Earlier today I’ve been fighting with the same problem using CLI, and was able to confirm that sls was using production credentials i.e. trying to deploy to production.

Below is the output from ci/cd build as seen in dashboard. It says it’s using dev credentials, but once again it’s not finding the stack notification-service-dev as in production there’s only notification-service-prod.

Only problem I can think of is that SLS is using the provider assigned to the service, instead of provider assigned to the stage under the service (despite of build outputting the correct url for provider credentials). All the documentation I’ve been able to find is for previous Serverless Dashboard and is no good for solving my problem.

Any tips? I’m desperate with launching my service and getting paying users :pleading_face: :grinning:

Build step: serverless deploy --stage dev --region eu-central-1 --force --org viggla --app viggla --debug
Serverless: Using provider credentials, configured via dashboard:
 Serverless Error ----------------------------------------
  Stack with id notification-service-dev does not exist
  Get Support --------------------------------------------
  Your Environment Information ---------------------------
     Operating System:          linux
     Node Version:              12.19.0
     Framework Version:         2.29.0
     Plugin Version:            4.5.0
     SDK Version:               n/a
     Components Version:        3.7.3