Sls deploy issue

I am using minikube with kubeless-serverless extension and trying to deploy a function with serverless deploy
but it returns
Found errors while processing the given functions:
Error: Unable to deploy the function hello-serverless-kubeless. Received:
Message: socket hang up

Some related info:
OS: Ubuntu 18.10
minikube version: v0.30.0
minikube addons:

  • addon-manager: enabled
  • coredns: enabled
  • dashboard: enabled
  • default-storageclass: enabled
  • efk: disabled
  • freshpod: disabled
  • heapster: disabled
  • ingress: enabled
  • kube-dns: disabled
  • metrics-server: disabled
  • nvidia-driver-installer: disabled
  • nvidia-gpu-device-plugin: disabled
  • registry: disabled
  • registry-creds: disabled
  • storage-provisioner: enabled
    Kubeless version: v1.0.0
    Node version: 11.3
    Serverless version: 1.34.1