Sls deploy issue with node express

Getting issue sls deploy command as it’s showing directory structure instead of deployment.
When I created hello function using command “sls create --template aws-nodejs --path myService” and deployed using sls deploy it’s working fine but when I initialised app with node & installed express it’s giving issue as showing folder structure, why?

npx sls deploy
npx: installed 1 in 0.797s
│ ├─@types(+)/
│ ├─@vendia(+)/
│ ├─accepts(+)/
│ ├─array-flatten(+)/
│ ├─aws-serverless-express(+)/
│ ├─binary-case(+)/
│ ├─bl(+)/
│ ├─bluebird(+)/
│ ├─body-parser(+)/
│ ├─bson(+)/
│ ├─bytes(+)/
│ ├─content-disposition(+)/
│ ├─content-type(+)/
│ ├─cookie(+)/
… so on