Show and tell: Offset Trump, built w/ Serverless, Dynamo, S3, open source

This past weekend, I built a site called Offset Trump, where people who are less than optimistic about the next US president can pledge to do something good for the next four years to make the world or themselves better. If the presidency turns out fine, then the good things still happened too : )

Introductions aside, the entirety of the site’s functionality was built using Serverless, targeting the C#/.NET Core runtime. I use DynamoDB for storing the pledges and the front end is hosted using S3’s website hosting. I use the aws cli for syncing S3 simply because it has a faster turnaround time, but there’s no reason I couldn’t manage that as a CloudFormation resource in the serverless.yml as well.

The biggest thing I fought with was CORS and API Gateway which I got to work, but I still don’t really grok.

Source is here:

I would love to answer any technology questions : )

Nice work! Very timely =)

Do you want to add this to the examples repo?