Setting up a NestJS project for AWS Lambda?

Hi everyone.

I was looking at the following tutorial: AWS Nest application example (NodeJS & Typescript)

It seems to me that some quite essential parts are skipped for me to learn this.

The tutorial states that I should setup the starter project and run npm start. And then next it states that it should result in something like:

$ sls offline start
Serverless: Compiling with Typescript...
Serverless: Using local tsconfig.json
Serverless: Typescript compiled.
Serverless: Watching typescript files...
Serverless: Starting Offline: dev/us-east-1.
Serverless: Routes for main:
Serverless: ANY /{proxy*}
Serverless: Offline listening on http://localhost:3000

Which obviously isn’t the case. I lack some information on how it came from the NestJS skeleton to suddenly be serverless compatible. Does anyone know how this is suppose to work?

Prefer example in Nest.js official docs, it uses Serverless / AWS and it works :