Setting includeModules prevents serverless deploy from running (exits after webpack and before package)


I’m trying to get sharp installed and deployed in a function. It bundles correctly and runs perfectly with serverless offline but when I run serverless deploy, the process exits (no errors) right after webpack finishes bundling (I have a .webpack that looks correct) but it never moves onto the next step (serverless packaging).

Excerpt from end of log
SLS_DEBUG=\* serverless deploy --verbose

Serverless: Invoke webpack:package
Serverless: Fetch dependency graph from /Users/cathy/relephant/web/package.json
Serverless: Package lock found - Using locked versions
Serverless: Packing external modules: sharp@^0.25.2
Serverless: Package took [4117 ms]
// EXITS HERE - no error messages

Excerpt from serverless.yml

  - serverless-webpack
  - serverless-offline

    includeModules: true
    packager: 'yarn'

Additional webpack details

externals: { sharp: "commonjs sharp" }, is in the webpack config. (Using nodeExternals results in the same error)

Any leads would be very appreciated :slight_smile: Have been stuck on this for quite a while.


Including versions in case that is helpful information:

“serverless-offline”: “^5.12.1” - using an older version because of this ongoing issue
“serverless-webpack”: “^5.3.1”

Framework Core: 1.67.2
Plugin: 3.6.6
SDK: 2.3.0
Components: 2.29.0

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Me and my team are dealing with the same issue. Would love to see it resolved!

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Timeline for a fix? This is a significant blocker for us

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Glad someone reported this! Getting the same issue and it’s a major hold up for me.

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literally just ran into this too. i’m on the latest of everything tho

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Was this issue ever resolved? I am running into this very problem right now with the latest versions of Serverless framework and webpack. There is no error message after webpack, but the deployment does not seem to happen. What happened to the original question? Any update afterwards? Thanks!