ServerlessError: Invalid tag key. Tag keys cannot start with 'aws:'

Im deploying an api gateway for the first time and I get error with tags
Serverless: [AWS apigateway 400 0.158s 0 retries] untagResource({
798 resourceArn: ‘arn:aws:apigateway:us-east-1::/restapis/o9l5frekee/stages/stg’,
799 tagKeys: [
800 ‘STAGE’,
801 ‘aws:cloudformation:logical-id’,
802 ‘aws:cloudformation:stack-id’,
803 ‘aws:cloudformation:stack-name’,
804 [length]: 4
805 ]
806 })

Do not know the cause of the error, please your help.

Hi @edwar95, I’ve come across the same error when deploying. Log looks exactly like yours. Did you solve this issue? thx in advance