Serverless way to manage databases and their migrations

Hi everyone,

What are the best practices for managing databases and tables with Serverless framework? Ok, maybe this question is too vague. What would you recommend for the workflow for creation new table in AWS and then (after several “sls deploy”) to add a new column for it?

When I asked this question to myself, my first answer was “Go to RDS console and create the column manually there, because this is very infrequent operation”. But I feel, that I would like to manage it as a code.

My second answer was “deploy standalone lambda with code to add a column, then invoke this lambda manually and then deploy the rest of the stack (which relies to the updated DB)”.

This approach seems working, and I have the migrations within git, but I feel like I’m reinventing the wheel and this is why I would appreciate an advice. Maybe there is a module for it? :slight_smile:

It looks like module exists Serverless Framework: Plugins