Serverless - Template error

Hello Everyone,

I’m running into an issue, when deploying the code. The error is

Template is invalid: Template format error: Number of resources, 205, is greater than maximum allowed, 200

I googled a lot and on this forum and understood the problem is with the way I have handled all the functions. I have specified all of them in one serverless.yml. I should be using cross-stack reference or nested stack. I have around 30+ functions defined. I was thinking of doing the cross-stack as the nested approach is not a suggested solution. What I have done so far is,

I have the following directory structure.

      serverless.yml #here I have defined the handler definition

From my understanding, in the root directory of my application, I have an serverless.yml in which I should reference the users/serverless.yml by using export and import.

My question, is when I run the sls deploy from the root of my directory will it continue to behave the same way it used to? Also, is this the correct approach to follow, as the application I’m building would be growing in terms of API’s.

Appreciate the help.
Thank you.