Serverless removing characters ondeploy

Hi Team,

I am using serverless framework and dotenv: true method to inject variables in my lambda functions
suddenly my lambdas have started to fail as some characters are automatically streamed / removed on deploying i have a variable as name=rahulbhatu= in my file. on doing sls deploy on AWS the Envirronment variable are incorrect where name = rahulbhatu and = from the end is removed, below is my sls versions info does anyone have this issue ?

Framework Core: 3.38.0 (local) 3.38.0 (global)
Plugin: 7.2.2
SDK: 4.5.1


I found that i had this variable set in my env so that was taking precedence rather than using from, as soon i did unset of that variable in local,
ENV vars on lambda were updated correctly.


can someone let me know how can i close this topic or mark as resolved.