Serverless-python-requirements - doesn't seem to invalidateCaches: true

The difficulty I’m having is that an edited .py file is not updated in the serverless-python-requirements static cache on a subsequent npx serverless package invocations. The expectation is that npx package updates files that are updated since having been cached.

My serverless.yml

    invalidateCaches: true
    useDownloadCache: false
    useStaticCache: true

  - serverless-python-requirements

Framework versions

Now using node v12.18.2 (npm v6.14.5)
Framework Core: 1.80.0
Plugin: 3.8.2
SDK: 2.3.1
Components: 2.34.9

It is important to note that my requirements.txt file contains ‘.’

The proof of this is as follows:

$rm -rf /Users/randrews/Library/Caches/serverless-python-requirements
$npx serverless package
$ls -l /Users/randrews/Library/Caches/serverless-python-requirements/...snip...781e_slspyc/aqut/ 
-rw-r--r-- 1 randrews staff 49628 Sep 9 15:02 ...snip...781e_slspyc/aqut/
$echo "foo" >> ./aqut/
$npx serverless package
$ ls -l /Users/randrews/Library/Caches/serverless-python-requirements/...snip...781e_slspyc/aqut/ 
-rw-r--r-- 1 randrews staff 49628 Sep 9 15:02 ...snip...781e_slspyc/aqut/