Serverless Plugin Initial Hook

I’m writing a plugin that runs on every command. Currently I am simply executing the core plugin functionality in the constructor of the plugin class.

class MyPlugin {
    constructor(serverless, options) {
        this.serverless = serverless;
        this.options = options;;

    run() {
        const { custom } = this.serverless.service;

        console.log(custom.my_plugin_options) // ${ file(...) } 

Having read over the documentation I’m aware that as of the execution of the plugin constructor, the references in the service have not yet been resolved, the solution to which is to use hooks.

I’m struggling to find a hook that will execute early in the order of operation and will execute on every command including for other plugins that do not explicitly define hooks.

I tried using this hook, but that didn’t seem to cover all cases.

Thanks for any help!