Serverless package is not packaging my source code

I have a flask project setup like this

  • RX(parent directory)
    – package.json
    – requirements.txt
    – src folder(some code)
    – serverless.yml

Inside my serverless.yml, I have

service: RX

  individually: true
    - ./**
    - requirements.txt
    - package.json
... some other sections to setup wsgi (for flask)

When I deploy this to lambda and export it to a zip, I don’t see my source code files i.e, src folder and all.

When I do serverless package from my terminal, I see the same zip that I download from lambda - without the source code. How can I package my application so that the source code also is included in the zip?

Since the source code is not there, the endpoints are not there and hence I am unable to hit those.

The issue was with the node version. There’s apparently a bug with node v15. I downgraded to 13.x.x and it worked like a charm.