serverless package/deploy ignores include directive

I have a serverless.yml file with several functions defined in it. I have a file with include directives in it. These directives seem to be ignored and only the node_modules get bundled - none of the source files are included.

I have tried moving the directives to the main serverless.yml file and placing them under a package: directive, but these have not helped…

Sample function declaration from serverless.yml:

  description: "Process a stream and creates does stuff with the records"
  handler: src/functions/process-function/handler.handler
  timeout: 300
  memorySize: 1024
    - stream:
        name: "my-stream"
        type: kinesis
            - MyStream
            - Arn
        startingPosition: TRIM_HORIZON
        batchSize: 1
        enabled: true

Sample function declaration from

      - "src/functions/process-function/**"
      - "src/lib/**"
      - "ts-definition.json"
      - "ts-env.json"

This was working up until today, so I don’t know what could have changed…

I would expect to see both the node_modules and the source files bundled and deployed, but that is not the case…

Only the node modules are bundled and visible in the .serverless folder or the AWS deployment bucket…