Serverless.json support

I was wondering if the optional support for serverless.json quoted in this issue was something still in the work ?

I really don’t enjoy writing my config file with YML, is there any plan toward supporting JSON instead of YML ?

Hi @kuashe!

This feature isn’t currently on our radar. However, we strongly pay attention to feature requests and use the thumbs up feature in github to determine which features to work on next. If this is important to you please feel free to open up an issue with a feature request in github and we can see what the community thinks :slight_smile:

Thanks for you answer @brianneisler, not sure if my feature will get a lot of thumbs up . Anyway i’m willing to do a pull request to implement this if this doesn’t get feedback . I really prefer JSON to YML plus everything in node uses JSON (package.json , grunt , webpak etc…)

It feels awkard to use YML …

Would my pull request be accepted if I added support for JSON ?

@kuashe development discussion mostly happens on Github. I would recommend opening an issue there so people can discuss it.