Serverless in ubuntu, command not found

I got this message after installing serverless in ubuntu, seems as a successful install but the serverless command is not recognized.

root@ip-0-0-0-0:/home/ubuntu# sudo npm install -g @serverless/fdk
npm WARN engine @serverless/fdk@0.5.1: wanted: {“node”:">=4.3"} (current: {“node”:“0.10.37”,“npm”:“1.4.28”})
@serverless/fdk@0.5.1 /usr/lib/node_modules/@serverless/fdk
├── url-parse@1.2.0 (querystringify@1.0.0, requires-port@1.0.0)
├── isomorphic-fetch@2.2.1 (whatwg-fetch@2.0.3, node-fetch@1.7.3)
└── ramda@0.24.1

Ups, never mind. I just updated node and all worked ok. tks

what command did you use to update node? Thanks