Serverless Framework support for hybrid backends (Spring boot backend service running on EC2 or Container)

We are having Lambda services as well as Spring boot applications deployed on Containers/EC2 instances.
Can we automate API Gateway configurations via Serverless framework?

If not what is the best practice to handle such situations, is it to have two different API Gateways one for complete serverless and other to the Spring boot backends running on EC2 instance. (In our case Spring Boot applications are not simple enough to execute as lambda )

Does Serverless framework support AWS API Gateway HTTP Proxy integration?

Found another forum discussing the same -
Looks like currently it’s not supported, but the workaround/support is provided here -

The Serverless Framework generally allows you to override the default configuration for resources by providing your own in the resources section. If you can do it with Cloud Formation you can probably do it with the Serverless Framework. The issue you reference is about having an easy way to configure it and there isn’t an “easy” way.

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