Serverless Error - The security token included in the request is invalid


I’m doing this tutorial but when I get to the part to deploy the application with sls deploy I get the message below:

$ serverless deploy
Serverless: Packaging service...

Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

ServerlessError: The security token included in the request is invalid.

Get Support --------------------------------------------

Your Environment Information -----------------------------
   OS:                     win32
   Node Version:           6.9.1
   Serverless Version:     1.17.0

The file serverless.yml is the same as showed in the tutorial:

service: candidate-service

frameworkVersion: ">=1.1.0 <2.0.0"

  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs4.3
  stage: dev
  region: us-east-1

    handler: api/candidates.submit
    memorySize: 128
    description: Submit candidate information and starts interview process.
      - http: 
          path: candidates
          method: post

How can I fix this, where I add the token and what is this token, the access key?

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Looks like your AWS credentials aren’t configured on your machine.

Double check they are setup

Here is the guide on configuring those


Ty man, I just needed to change my secret key :smiley:

In my case I am on aws sso credentials. It is refreshed. The ~/.aws/credentials is up to date which includes a token. I understand serverless looks there and ignores ~/.aws/config. But it does not work with --aws-profile or without it but with sls config credentials either. Very annoying. Strange thing is it was working fine 12 hours ago and today there is no luck at all.