Serverless deploy not updating AWS API Gateway cache settings

We are deploying an API gateway to AWS and noticed that it is not updating specific API Gateway service settings, particularly around caching. We have this defined in the serverless.ts file using the serverless-api-gateway-caching plugin with the below configuration but changing the values does not change any of the configurations when deployed.

apiGatewayCaching: {
enabled: true,
clusterSize: “1.6”,
ttlInSeconds: 3600,
dataEncrypted: false,
perKeyInvalidation: {
requireAuthorization: false,
handleUnauthorizedRequests: “Fail”,

We updated to the latest version of serverless framework 3 and the serverless-api-gateway-caching plugin but it still does not update the API gateway configs as expected. Has anyone else had similar issues with AWS resources not being updated on a serverless deploy?

We identified an issue with an environment variable that was causing the cache to not update properly, however there is still one place that it is not updating as we would expect it.

In the method request configuration under ‘Request Paths’ there is a value for a parameter in the request path. This has a configuration option to enable/disable caching by that parameter. What we have found is when that value is set on the first serverless deployment of an API it never changes on subsequent serverless deployments. Also if we change it manually and then perform a serverless deployment it does not revert it back. Since this is configuration as code it is a problem that it does not revert manual changes to what is configured in the code base.

Are there some additional configurations that need to be set in serverless in order to update this on deployments?