Serverless deploy not adding Lambda File System


I’ve added the following to the config file as specified on the website but the sls deploy is not adding the File System information. Do you have any tips on why? When I add it manually everything works.

  localMountPath: /mnt/efs
  arn: arn:aws:elasticfilesystem:us-east-1:xxxxxx:access-point/fsap-xxxxxxx


I having the same problem that you are. What is funny to me is that I am seeing fileSystemConfig and fileSystemConfigs (plural) in various documentation - could this be a mismatch?

I can confirm that fileSystemConfig and fileSystemConfigs (plural) do not attach/mount the efs access point onto the Lambda function. They do not error in our build. Very frustrating because they also REMOVE any manual mounting done in AWS console. Any update (full build or single lambda update with -f) can remove the mount. I hope this gets fixed soon.

Hello, if you’re still experiencing that issue, could you report it via issue tracker? We have an integration test for EFS integration and we didn’t observe any regressions thus far, but we might be missing something.