Serverless deploy error : inaccessible host

I have developed a very basic java8 app and am trying to deploy using the “serverless deploy” command. I get ServerlessError: Inaccessible host:'. This service may not be available in theus-east-1’ region.

Node Version: 6.11.2
Serverless Version:1.23.0

serverless file contents shown below:

service: sam-app-services
artifact: target/sam-app-parserapi-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

name: aws
runtime: java8
stage: dev
region: us-east-1
memorySize: 512
timeout: 30

handler: com.serverless.japi.LambdaHandler
runtime: java8
description: function for parser api
- http:
path: /sam-app-parserapi/files
method: get
- cloudwatchLog:
logGroup: /aws/lambda/sam-app-parserapi

any suggestions to resolve this would really help.


Please ignore this post. Mistake in proxy configuration.

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Could you elaborate a bit more about the proxy configuration? Were you using a proxy and it was wrongly configured?

I still have the same problem since I reported this here a couple of weeks ago: "Inaccessible host" deploying in non-default region . I do not use a proxy. Any help is welcome!

If you access the internet through a proxy, you would need to have environment variables HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY configured to http://<proxy_server>:

I use a proxy and it was wrongly configured. If you dont use a proxy, guess you wont need the variables.
Also verify and check if the service is available in your region

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the pointers!

I checked also how virtual hosting works for S3. There’s something weird. It seems I should be using:

<bucket id>


<bucket id>

But in the error I see (mind the point before s3):

'<redacted bucket id>'. This service may not be available in the `eu-central-1' region.

Looking for that in internet, that domain looks like a bit fishy :fearful: