Serverless-bundle: a zero-config way to generate optimized packages for Node.js Lambda functions

Hey guys, we are open-sourcing a key part of the internal development workflow here at Seed.

The serverless-bundle plugin encapsulates the necessary packages and configs with sensible defaults, and you don’t have to include and manage them, ie.

-    "eslint"
-    "webpack"
-    "@babel/core"
-    "babel-eslint"
-    "babel-loader"
-    "eslint-loader"
-    "@babel/runtime"
-    "@babel/preset-env"
-    "serverless-webpack"
-    "source-map-support"
-    "webpack-node-externals"
-    "eslint-config-strongloop"
-    "@babel/plugin-transform-runtime"
-    "babel-plugin-source-map-support"

+    "serverless-bundle": "^1.2.2"

You can read more about the announcement here.

Hopefully you guys will find this useful.

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