Serverless › Authorization is currently down


When I try to deploy my app I get the following error:
Serverless › Authorization is currently down. Please try again later

It’s been like this for quite some time. I’ve logged into my dashboard via my Google auth.

Could someone please help with this? Thanks!

Hi, Im getting the same issue. Have you resolved this @bajs84?

Hi @ashesnz no I haven’t and I’ve got no reply from their customer support or anyone else. I’m assuming this company is on the way out, and I think i’ll have to look at another means of infrastructure unfortunately.

Please let me know if you manage to resolve it.

Hi mates, a few hours ago we received this reply from support:

“Hi there. Components has been deprecated for some time now. I would recommend looking into moving your application over to the Serverless Framework itself”

Just in case @bajs84 we were trying to deploy an old Svelte application (which was upgraded) that is using the @serverless/components library.

This may also be your case.