Serveless deployment using cloudformation codepipeline

Hi Team,

Currently we are using cloudformation(SAM) pipeline to deploy our code to AWS.
Following steps we are performing :-

Source ( CodeCommitRepo)-> Build ( CodeBuild)-> DeployToDev[CreateChangeSet) -> ExecuteChangeSet]
In Build we are creating artifect and uploading to S3.

Now we are planing to switch to serverless.
Serverless we are using following steps:-

Source (CodeCommitRepo)-> Build (CodeBuild)
In codebuild we are using sls deploy (which will create the stack in build step only)

Can we perform same step as SAM which will create package in build step, execute change set and create stack using package artifact.

Please suggest.


It would probably just be easier to let the Serverless Framework do the entire deployment. Perhaps take a look at the Serverless Framework CI/CD solution: