Same version from s3 to different stages

The use case I’m trying to implement.

  1. Compile, create a package and place it to s3 (serverless already does it as a part of deployment)
  2. Deploy to dev and test
    3.when all passed deploy the same dev version from s3 - without uploading any packages to s3 - to uat and then prod.

All I need a version ( timestamp that serverless created) parameter in deploy command and then serverless deploys that specific package from s3 without uploading from local.

I couldn’t find a way, may be I’m missing something.


Unfortunately you can’t do what you’re planning to do as part of Serverless.

Stages are only really supported by API GW, so it’s a bit hard to make the idea “stick” over all the actions Serverless performs (e.g. S3 and CFN don’t have the concept of stages).