S3 Events AWS-CSharp

I am trying to develop a lambda using the AWS-Csharp template. The lambda is listening to S3 for any objects created with a .docx extension. I have configured my serverless.yml with the desired settings, and the lamda does fire. However, where I am now stuck is how do I get the event information within my Handler ?

Do I need to add a reference to the Amazon.lambda.S3Events library to my Lamda or is there already something baked in I should use?

I couldn’t find any samples relating to this using any other static type language, although there are Node samples but they don’t seem to add any other packages to perform this function. I was wondering if this is only particular to C# that we need to add a reference to the Amazon.

Are there any C# samples available ?

Thought I would answer my own question, just in case anyone else is as naieve as I am. Yes of course it is necessary to include the AWS SDK as a reference to your lambda project. After working through and reading the code from the Samples library, it appears they all include an AWS Package library.

The python samples seems to all include Boto3, which is the AWS SDK for python, and the Node Samples all seem to include aws-sdk

For C# just add the Nuget Package Amazon.Lambda.S3Events and for DynamoDB I added AWSSDK.DynamosDBV2