S3 bucket properties not applied

According to the serverless docs, it should be possible to specify additional bucket properties:

      name: ${self:custom.buckets.s3UploadBatch}
        Status: Enabled

In my project, I am trying to enable file versioning for my bucket. I have tried other configurations, but they all fail the upcoming serverless.yml validator as an unrecognized property. However, the example above does not enable versions either.

In my s3 bucket, I see the message:

Bucket “[name]” doesn’t have Bucket Versioning enabled
We recommend that you enable Bucket Versioning to help protect against unintentionally overwriting or deleting objects

Did I miss something in my configuration? Have the options been updated? Is this a bug? Anyway, a second pair of eyes is much appreciated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

See Custom bucket configuration not doing anything · Issue #9636 · serverless/serverless · GitHub