S3 Bucket Policy Access Requirements

I am a brand new Serverless user and am attempting to deploy a project into a managed AWS environment. I am seeing errors deploying related to the s3:PutBucketPolicy and s3:DeleteBucketPolicy.

Specifically, when attempting to deploy this serverless.yml, I see: ServerlessError: An error occurred: ServerlessDeploymentBucketPolicy - API: s3:DeleteBucketPolicy Access Denied. and identical errors reported in the cloud formation stack web UI.

I used yo to generate a policy as per these docs, to compare to my limited policy in my organization environment. I do not see any policy actions being specified in the yo generated json file, but the tool does suggest that the result can be incomplete.

A naive question: is the serverless framework requiring the policy permissions, or is that something that is being implicitly specified in the linked serverless.yml file? If the former, what options might exist to use serverless in a managed environment where I will not be permitted to update S3 bucket policies across the organization?