Redploy a "hand-rolled" API Gateway doesn't actually redeploy

Hi -

Firstly - much love for the platform as a whole. Been playing for a while and now deploying in anger.

So - we have a script which prepares a complete API gateway tree (RestAPI, Account, Resource, Method, Stage etc) so that we can specify things like the mapping templates.

First time deployment - all good. However - if you change the mapping template and redeploy, whilst the template is updated - you can verify in the console - the changes aren’t actually deployed to the stage. Manually going in and deploying the method to the stage works. I’ve not tried fiddling with other settings to see if they trigger an API redeploy or not - but updating the mapping template definitely doesn’t.

Is this a bug? Or have I missed something?



Serverless version 1.16.1
Deploying into AWS eu-west-1

Not sure if my experience applies to your issue, but I have had instances when some of my APIG changes aren’t updated with a deploy. But deploying a 2nd time typically works.

Weird I know, but try redeploying twice and see if it helps.